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5-star praise Five Star Praise for
Presidents of Hope and Change

If you are a believer in the influence of the stars — perhaps even consulting your daily horoscope — you may find “Presidents of Hope and Change” a fascinating book. More (PDF)

I like this book. I like it because the lady who wrote is honest, sincere and deeply ethical. I like it because she employs the dialectic skillfully in order to defend her various arguments, but never has an acerbic or vindictive word to say about anything or anyone. What I am most impressed by is the fact that the book contains no lashing out. No one receives the point of her rapier,....... read the full review (PDF)
Timothy Spearman

If you want to know when and how the current financial debacle will evolve, read the book.
Debra Sheahan 

It's a must-read for anybody feeling today that there's no way out of our current economic spiral or feeling trapped by other recent events.  
Jackie Chakhtoura

This book should be on Oprah! It is very readable book for somebody at my level who knows nothing about astrology.
Sandra Jenssen

In my opinion, she presents an articulate and honest portrayal of the situation, outlines the issues and challenges. She highlights hotspots that Obama still has to face by describing astrological patterns that sync with his chart.
Jo Sauza 

By presenting the study in a language that is not astrological oriented, the author brought this amazing work of labor to a common mind and simple understanding. 
Kishore Kattamuri  

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Presidents of Hope and Change

Marilyn Muir
Bringing Hope to our Future by
Reaching into our Astrological Past

Retail Price:
US $19.88
220 pages
Quality Softcover 6"x9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-9819870-0-2

* Read First 36 Pages including the charts of all four Presidents - you'll get hooked! (36 pages PDF)
* Read Table of Contents (4 pages PDF)
* Read Foreword by Michael Munkasey (2 pages PDF)

Available in TWO editions: downloadable eBook or 6"x9" softcover printed book.

1. eBook edition: Kindle or iPhone format - order direct at Amazon.com
Presidents of Hope and Change


2. Print Edition: Publication Date: July 8th, 2009.
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Size: 6" x 9" quality softcover. 220 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9819870-0-2


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